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PROJECT #RaiseAwareness offers screenings of the film, No Ordinary Love, to raise awareness of domestic violence. Show this film to:

  • DV Agency Donors & Constituents

  • College Students as a Title IX Program

  • Conferences or Summits

  • DV Awareness Month Event


Film critics and DV advocates alike rave about the award-winning film No Ordinary Love.

Choose In-Person or Virtual Event

Domestic Violence Agencies

Host a movie screening of No Ordinary Love to your donors, constituents, volunteers or community leaders followed by a guided Q&A to show them the complexities of this important issue. Our 12-page Guidebook will help you host a successful event. Your audience will have a better understanding of the work you do when they see on the BIG SCREEN…

  • how hard it is for victims to leave

  • how children are directly affected by the abuse

  • the increased danger when victims try to leave

  • an authentic look of over 20 issues related to DV


Really amazing work.

I hope it is seen far and wide.”

— Rachel Louise Snyder, Best-selling author, No Visible Bruises &


"Once I started watching, I didn’t want to stop.

Finally, a film that gets the dynamics right and authentically addresses survivors’ unique challenges.

I highly recommend this film, and I encourage organizations to use it to engage your communities in meaningful conversations to improve our understanding of these intimate crimes."

— Joanne Archambault, CEO/Founder, End Violence Against Women International

College & University

Title IX Coordinators | Campus Police

Are you looking for innovative, informative and entertaining programming to show on your campus?

You’ll fill your auditorium with college students, staff and faculty to watch No Ordinary Love, an award-winning film USA Today calls one of the ‘biggest summer movies'‘ of ‘21.

Follow with a guided Q&A Talkback hosted by campus staff or invite one or both of the filmmakers to engage the audience in this needed conversation. Students will learn how to

  • Recognize coercive control & digital abuse

  • Support a friend who is in an abusive relationship

  • Be an active, caring bystander of an abusive scene

  • Speak up to abusive language & behavior by friends

Contact us to book your event for #DatingViolenceAwarenessMonth or anytime

“As a campus professional who works with survivors of dating violence and domestic violence, No Ordinary Love is a wonderful film to educate and empower students, to learn more about domestic violence and to support someone who may be struggling.”

— Leah Carnahan, Title IX Confidential Advocate, Texas Christian University

This is such an impactful and authentic film. It gripped me from the beginning. I can’t say enough good things about it. I hope everyone sees this movie.

— Joe Peltzer, Title IX Coordinator, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Conference, Summit, Event

Offer your event attendees the unique opportunity to hear from a filmmaker, advocate, and survivor. The executive producer of No Ordinary Love shares her energy and passion while speaking on multiple topics on domestic violence along with sharing her personal story. She uses film clips to highlight a specific issue of DV, which offers a dynamic way to authentically illustrate the complexities of a survivor’s experience.

Tracy Rector

Executive Producer, No Ordinary Love

Speaker, Advocate, Survivor

“You are a very effortless speaker, it comes naturally to you. You’re in command, you’re captivating.”

— Tricia Brouk, Director, Author, Producer, Founder of The Big Talk Academy, Former Executive Producer of TEDXLincolnSquare NYC

Chyna Robinson

Writer, Director, Producer, No Ordinary Love


“This impactful film is so beautifully shot, so beautifully acted, so beautifully written. I can’t say enough good things about it. Chyna, you’re on my radar; I can’t wait to see what’s next.

— Guy at the Movies podcast

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Screen No Ordinary Love at your event and raise awareness of domestic violence in your area.